EBSCO Databases

Discover It

This session will focus on EBSCO resources.  They cover a wide variety of topics: academic and general interest, health, business, student research, history, and much more.  Segments will focus on specific audiences, adults, kids, and schools.

Video Segments

Introduction and MasterFile (8:30) Learn how to access and search magazine and journal articles in a variety of EBSCO databases.

Using Folders (8:28)

EBSCO for Health (7:23)

Additional information on health databases can be found in the Gale Databases segment (Health and Wellness Resource Center) and in the Webinar Archive (Health & Wellness databases).

Tools for Schools (6:57) Geared toward school librarians and teachers, this segment will focus on Teacher Reference Center and behind the scenes material from the vendor.

Additional EBSCO database segments can be found in the Hands-on Tools for Pre K-8 segment (Kid InfoBits and Kids Search and Searchasaurus) and Get Them Out of Google (MAS Ultra-School Edition).

Try It

  1. Select Masterfile.  Click on Sign-in and create a new account. Conduct a search and place a few items in the folder.  In your My EBSCO Host, create a folder for these items. How might you use this feature?  For yourself?  For patrons?  For students?  Please share your ideas below.
  2. Create a journal alert.  There is a tutorial on the EBSCO support site (Creating a Journal Alert).
  3. While in the EBSCO support site, look at Kids Search or another resource of interest.  Also, take a look at the Success Center tab at the top of the page.
  4. On the GoWYLD databases page. Conduct a search in the EBSCO search box on the right side of the page to search multiple databases. Note that the number of results for each database is listed on the left side of the results page.

Please share your comments about the database and your ideas for promoting this resource below.


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