Gale Databases

Discover It

This session will focus on Gale resources.  They cover a wide variety of topics: health, business, kids, biography, history, books and literature, world view and issues, and much more.  Emphasis will be on searching and topic exploration in sources for adults and the older student.

Video Segments

Introduction to the Gale Databases (6:14)

Health and Wellness Resource Center (7:59)

Global Issues in Context (5:17)

Student Resources in Context (5:19)

Grzimek’s Animal Life (6:22)

For more segments on Gale resources for the older student, refer to the sessions: Get them out of Google (Opposing Viewpoints in Context) and History (U.S. History in Context and World History in Context).  For more applicable databases go to and click on Students.

For Gale resources for the younger student, refer to the session: Hands on Tools for Pre K-8 and check out KidInfoBits.

Try It

  1. Select General One-File.
    1. Begin by miss-spelling a search term.  For example, enter xeroscape.  Note the message on the right, “did you mean?” Click on xeriscape.
    2. Refine results.  For example, for homeowner interest, refine with garden.
    3. Select an article with pictures.  View a PDF.  Mark several articles and create a citation list.  Note the Marked Items link listed on the navigation bar.
  2. Select Grzimek’s Animal Life.
    1. Select Biomes. Select Rain forest on the right side of the map.
    2. Scroll to What is a Biome and select Rain Forest and then Plant life.  Note the glossary (hold your cursor over a dotted underlined word).
    3. Use the Animal Finder to locate species living in the rain forest.
  3. How might you promote/use this resource?  For example, if your library is using #1 Ladies Detective Agency for a book group or book discussion, you might introduce Grzimek’s Animal Life and look at grasslands and use the animal finder and photos/illustrations to locate those discussed in the book.  You could also use Global Issues in Context and look up Botswana.  Here you will find an Overview, Quick Facts, and Global Viewpoint articles.

Please share your comments about the database and your ideas for promoting this resource below.


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