Get them out of Google

Discover It

…and into more reliable research tools.  The focus here will be on research tools for grades 9-12.

Video Segments

SIRS  Issues Researcher (8:40)

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (5:17) For more detail on this database, go to

CQ Researcher (4:27)

EBSCO’s MAS Ultra School Edition (5:36)

Wilson’s OmniFile Full Text select (5:59)

You should also refer to the Global Issues in Context (5:17) and Student Resources in Context (5:19) segments on the Gale page as well as the History Discover it, Try it, Learn it segments.

For access to resources for grades 9-12, go to and click on Students.

Try It

  1. SIRS Issues Researcher
    1. Select a Leading Issue and look at the Research Tools, especially My Analysis and Note Organizer.
    2. Conduct a visual search.  Is this something that you would promote to your students doing research?
  2. Compare a search in Opposing Viewpoints in Context and in another in Context database for student research.  For example: search the Great Depression in Opposing Viewpoints and Student Resources in Context or Global Issues in Context (see the segments on the Gale page for more information on these databases).  What sort or material is available in each?
  3. CQ Researcher
    1. Using the example from the segment on CQ, look at the chronology for Fast Food Shake-up, in the 1991 report.  Looking at the other parts of the report, how might you use these to help a patron or student conduct further research?

Please share your comments and ideas below.


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