Hands-on Tools for Pre K-8

Discover It

This session, appropriate for public and school libraries, will look at the fun, reliable research and learning tools for elementary students and teachers, and the library staff who work with them.

Video Segments

Bookflix and Novelist K-8 (7:00)

Comparing Kid Search and Kid Info Bits  (6:42)

Britannica Online

For Public Libraries (7:43)

For Schools (9:12)

Try It

  1. Compare KidInfoBits and Kids Search.
    1. Search the same topic in each database (for example, Animals).
    2. Which database provides the best results for the kids you are working with?  Comment below.
  2. Explore Bookflix.
    1. Select a theme and a story pair in Bookflix.  Enjoy a few minutes of storytime!
    2. Do a Puzzler.
    3. Take a look at the lesson plan and activities.
    4. How might you use or promote this database?  Comment below.
  3. Explore either Britannica Online Schools or Public.
    1. Locate a video clip for math help.  Change the curriculum area and explore those available for science.
    2. Compare articles on Argentina and Brazil
    3. Look at the new Geography Explorer.  Would this be useful to your patrons/students?
    4. Create a log-in for Workspace.  Conduct a search and add items to Workspace, then go in and create projects.  How might you use this with your young library users?
Please share your comments about the databases and your ideas for promoting these resources below.

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