History Databases

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This session will take a different approach.  Using history as a topic, we will explore various databases from multiple vendors for U.S., World, and Wyoming history.

Video Segments

U.S. History

History Reference Center (6:42)

U.S. History in Context (7:53)

19th Century U.S. Newspapers (5:58)


Wyoming Newspaper Project (4:30)

Wyoming Places (4:15)


World History in Context (5:45)

18th Century Collections Online (6:43)

Try It

  1. Select History Reference Center.
    1. Scroll to Timeline.  Notice that there are U.S. and world events.  Choose one and click on search.  Look at the key players of that time.
    2. Use the More tab at the top and go into the Video/Image file.  Search:  Roosevelt or Nixon, baseball, or volcano.
  2. Compare History Reference Center and U.S. History in Context.
  3. Select 19th Century U. S. Newspapers.  Search: cookery + entire article.  Check out the fun variety of results.   Go to pg. 2.  Select an article and then select it in PDF portrait to see the entire newspaper page.
  4. Open the Wyoming Newspaper Project. What was going on in Cody in 1901?  (Hint:  click on Browse by County and then click on Search).
    1. Click on the picture of the antelope.  Click on Browse by City.  Take a look at the towns-are there some new to you?  Select one and explore their newspaper.
  5. Open the Wyoming Place Names Wiki. Search your county or community. Are there folks in your community who would be good sources of stories for this database?
    1. Search:  Point of Rocks (select Sweetwater County).  Notice History and Stories below the name entry.
    2. Select features on the right-hand menu and check out a few. For example: Trails, Post Offices or Bars (no, not that kind of bar!)
  6. Select World History in Context. Search for images of Pablo Picasso’s paintings. Go into Events, Periods & Cultural Trends.  Select a topic and look at the topic/portal page.  Scroll to the magazines (don’t forget View All).
  7. Select 18th Century Collections Online.
    1. Search:  cookery.  Limit results to Medicine and Science (either on search page, or on the left on your results page).
    2. Browse through Chronology or Contextual Essays.
    3. Click on Key Documents and select a subject area.  Choose one of the bibliographic citations.


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